Jon has run tech events, spoken at conferences, and even sometimes wins awards. Here's some recent activity.


  • Spoke at PHP Dorset, teaching developers about CSS Flebox in February 2017
  • Panelist at Digital Wave, October 2016
  • Spoke and shared my 10-year journey through University to today at Digital Horizons in May 2016
  • Spoke at PHP Dorset, teaching PHP developers about Timber for Wordpress in November 2015
  • Spoke at Silicon Beach Fest 2015 in Los Angeles


  • Winning team, Smarter Travel LIVE! 2016 Hackathon
  • Winning team, Hacker Olympics 2014
  • Shortlisted for ‘Young Developer of the Year’ Net Magazine, 2014


  • Co-organiser of re:develop conference 2014, 2015 + 2016
  • Lead organiser of Hack to the Future, 2015
  • Lead organiser of hackbmth, 2013-15

Open Source Work