Barcamp Bournemouth 7 + Gulp Talk

Yesterday at Barcamp Bournemouth 7 I gave a talk about Gulp. It was intended as an intro to Gulp, to get people interested and see it's much easier than they expect.

The great benefit of doing a talk is you realise holes in your own knowledge before and after your talk, as people ask really great questions and get you thinking. And Barcamp is the perfect place to approach that, as a low-pressure place to talk about whatever you want. I've definitely learnt a lot about my own knowledge and how I'd approach a similar talk in future.

You can view my talk's code on GitHub, and see the slides here. Thanks for coming along, everyone who saw my talk!


Barcamp has now completed it's 7th year in Bournemouth! Crazy to think. Yesterday was a brilliant day and well put together by the team and I was proud to help out in a small way.

I walked in and suddenly had the job of drawing the schedule - only the most important thing of the day!

The day itself was great, and the venue move to town proved quite popular. Orange Rooms wasn't without it's quirks, as it's not exactly designed for giving presentations, but that added to the charm.

My personal favourite was 'The Bunker', down in the basement on the comfiest beanbags ever.

Barcamp provides a great day for anyone to talk about anything and the variety on show was evident. I saw a talk about digital democracy, evil overlords, how your brain works, and even one guest starring the disembodied voice of Nicolas Cage...

...We also discovered I'm even taller than expected!

Already looking forward to next year.

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