A week of events (aka events are difficult)

April 27, 2014

This week has been an absolutely mad, crazy week. As you may know, we're running a conference. I'm lucky enough to run or be involved in a large number of events in Bournemouth, and redevelop is proving to be one of the most difficult things I've ever done. But it's exciting.


Luckily, I'm supported by brilliant people both within Base and without. On Tuesday, we invited some developer event organisers into the Open Device Lab to chat about the conference and their thoughts, and their feedback was invaluable. I hope it's the start of more co-operation, and we're already seeing that with BWMeet teaming up with Barcamp Bournemouth.

Their feedback included how to get and choose speakers, including a code of conduct on the site for all, and other suggestions.

Inclusiveness is something that goes without saying - but as was recommended, it is a good thing to put it in writing. A code of conduct for attendees will be on the redevelop site as soon as I write it.

I'll also be rolling a code of conduct onto hackbmth's site once it's ready. Like above, hackbmth is and always will be an inclusive event for all, and a code of conduct helps to emphasise that by setting it in stone.


Dave Baker, of PHPDorset, recommended I reach out to Jenny Wong for advice of her view of how to run a conference and make it inclusive. Jenny has brilliant experience running PHP Women and PHP NW, among many other conferences. Chatting to Jenny was fantastic and her feedback and advice was invaluable - I hope one day to meet her.

Thanks to Jenny's advice and the invaluable feedback in the week, we turned our approach to speakers on its head.

We've opened up the floor to all speakers to submit their talks to redevelop, and I'd like to see as many talks submitted as possible.

Speakers will be judged on the strength and 'interesting-ness' of their proposal, nothing more and nothing less. I don't care if you're a woman or man or a desk or a chair, if you've got something interesting to say about development and the industry or if you've got an amazing approach to building a website or if you've got the teamwork workflow nailed, I want to hear it. You can find more info on the redevelop site.

I want to make a brilliant conference, and make a brilliant day. That's all. To this end, the judging of talks will be done by more than just me. More on that soon.


I spent Thursday cooking up the next version of the Redevelop site, from Chris' gorgeous designs.

Tom also put the wheels in motion for Big Data Week - in just over a week in Bournemouth, we'll be having talks from big data scientists, councillors, and real users of the biggest data around. We hope to give people a grounding in Big Data and how to approach it. I think I'll even be getting a little slot to show what I've been working on, which will be exciting.

We're also even running a hackbmth for Big Data Week on May 17th. Both the talk and hackbmth are free.



Friday was launch day for a first wave of tickets for redevelop, a figurative leap of faith from attendees who trust in our ability to pull off an amazing conference with little to no information at this time. We've already sold a load and I'm thankful to all of them for putting their faith in us.

Friday evening was a brilliant evening, as over 40 people descended on the Base office to try out Oculus Rifts and Google Glasses - 3 of the former, 2 of the latter. The conversations being made in the office and the people there were fantastic. We'll certainly be doing something like that again.

Events are difficult. But they are so rewarding. The adrenaline rush of running an event is like nothing else.